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Welcome Message

Dear members of the Korean Society of Pediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition

  I extend warm greetings to all the esteemed members of our pediatric and adolescent care community. In the face of challenging circumstances, both senior and junior members have exhibited unwavering dedication, for which I express my sincere gratitude. The complexities of pediatric and adolescent care are compounded by a drastic decline in birth rates, posing challenges for envisioning the future of our nation. Despite these daunting circumstances, it is imperative that we do not falter in our commitment.

  I would like to acknowledge the exemplary groundwork laid by esteemed members such as Dr. Ki Sup Chung and Dr. Jeong Kee Seo in the fields of "Pediatric Gastrointestinal Nutrition" and "Pediatric Endoscopy." As the torchbearer of their legacy, I am fully committed to building upon their contributions. Our aim is to infuse hope and courage into our members, steering the society through these trying times with proactive and impactful initiatives.

To realize these goals, the following key strategies will be implemented:

1. Continuous Advancements in Education and Research:
Sustain practical education and research initiatives to bolster the rights and interests of our members.
Introduce and implement new diagnostic and treatment methods through ongoing research efforts.

2. Support for Young Researchers:
Develop and maintain plans that actively encourage and support young researchers. Provide diverse educational methods and enhance research capabilities to nurture the next generation of leaders.

3.Internationalization of Academic Journal:
Expedite the internationalization of our academic journal, contributing significantly to the progress of scholarly work and research promotion.

4. Public Outreach and Societal Contribution:
Strengthen public outreach efforts to contribute to societal well-being.
Elevate the standing of our society through enhanced promotional activities.

I am wholeheartedly dedicated to giving my utmost efforts to realize these objectives and contribute to the continued growth and development of our academic community. Your support and collaboration in this endeavor are invaluable, and I look forward to working together for the betterment of our shared goals.

Thank you for your commitment to excellence.
Warm regards,

February, 2024 Eell Ryoo